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FENOK-International festival of orchestras is of the greatest importance for national culture which is organized under the supervision of Gusle. This festival has promoted our traditional folklore and music as well as tradition of all countries which participate in it. Superb performing of traditional music and promotion of modern ethno sound-WORLD MUSIC-is the best way to make it closer to the audience since that music is of the greatest importance for every culture no matter what is the commercial effect. Selection of domestic and foreign orchestras, singing and dancing companies is very strict and careful and it is precious experience not only for experts but also for common audience to enjoy the sound of bagpipe from Macedonia and Banat, accordion from Slovenia, gadulka from Bulgaria, Hungarian zither…old way of playing tamboura is preserved in the region of Banat.

The idea of connecting Ethnocamp and Fenok is very interesting, too. Everything gathered as the experience on Ethnocamp becomes topics for discussion on workshops. Later on, young foreign musicians have opportunity to learn more about Serbian music tradition and wide audience enjoy listening old melodies performing by National philharmonic orchestra.