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Folklore Ensembles

In the last decade of the 20 th century GUSLE became one of the most respected societies for music cherishing in the country, with permanent growth of sections and increasing number of members. Folklore section made the best results in that period of time under the supervision of-Silvester Gaća, Branislav Cucić, Milorad Ćirić, Mira Lukač, and since 1999. till now Igor Popov has been in charge of this section. Popov was honestly devoted to work and created unforgetable choreographies, so his trace is extremely valuable in the history of the Society. He became respectful teacher for traditional dance. He put on the scene old Serbian dances from Kikinda and Pomorišje-Romanian part of the region Banat. So, he managed to show us real spirit and beauty of traditional Serbian dance of the Banat. His work represents huge contribution to cherishing folklore tradition nowadays.

● folklore school
● performing folklore troupe
● veterane folklore troupe


Big GUSLE orchestra was founded in 1993-1994 and since that time has led by Zoran Petrović. Strings orchestra at first was in charge of Vladimir Krstonošić, and after that Živica Grastić took it over. Petrović share his great and long music experience with enormous members of the Society orchestra and his talent and knowledge, inspired by genious musical ideas put Gusle on the top of music creativity. So, Petrović started a new epoch in the history of the Society. He created entirely new programme of work representing various tradition of folk music in Serbia and the Balcans. With authentic sence he found simultaneous link between choreographies and music, and gave huge contribution to preserve old archaic sound of each part of the country. Singing groups in that period of time were led by-Igor Popov, Zoran Petrović, Magdalena Popov. Choir conductors were-Tatjana Ivanica, Eva Aranjoš Francuski, and Snežana Kovačević. For a long period of time exclusively old source group –Bagpiper and bachelors- led by Branislav Zarić, was a part of the Society, and cherished old music. Igor Popov inherited Zarić playing bagpipe


The first performance, singing society GUSLE, gave on February 14th 1876. Conductor was N. Fris who moved from Subotica to Kikinda. After Fris, very soon conductor of the choir became Josif Marinković, and from that moment Society made great progress, with mixed choir and section for instrumental music. Robert Tolinger replaced Josif Marinković and became conductor in 1880. He was a briliant musician of the superb qualities and musical education, so he gave his best to improve the position of the Society in the world of music. During ten years Tolinger composed a lot of pieces for mens choir, mixed choir and solo singing. Today, Gusleş choir has a name “Tolinger”, and conductor is Jovana Sevic.

Pevačka grupa „Gusala“

Pevačka grupa „Gusala“ broji 15 članica, istinskih zaljubljenica u tradicionalnu muziku, uzrasta od 14 do 24 godine.

Na repertoaru grupe se nalaze, najpre, tradicionalne pesme banatskog podneblja, pa onda i tradicionalne pesme ostalih srpskih područja.

Članice grupe najčešće pevaju a capella, dakle bez muzičke pratnje, ali takođe, tradicionalne numere rado izvode i uz pratnju gajdaša, samičara, tamburaškog ili velikog narodnog orkestra ADZNM „Gusle“. Učestvovale su na brojnim festivalima u zemlji i inostranstvu, na kojima su prezentovale srpsku tradicionalnu pesmu , kako u izvornom, tako i u manje ili više stilizovanom obliku.

Poslednjih 10 godina umetnički rukovodilac grupe je Magdalena Popov.