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Ethnocamp continually has maintained since 2002, although some researches started in 1999 on the initiative of Zoran Petrovic, the leading person of the Society. Many famous experts and musicologists took part in it-PhD Olivera Vasic and PhD Dragica Panic. They created interesting project of Study research mucis and dance tradition in the region of Banat. Ethnocamp is the unique event in Europe of that kind and maintains every July in Kikinda. It is important to point out that ethnocamp has continuity during whole year, but its work and researches intensifies every July when a lot of students and university professors come from the University of Novi Sad, Belgrade, Banjaluka, Temisvar and Kikinda, and High school of music of Subotica, and Sombor.

Ethnocamp provides very important and unique experience to all the participants. Officies of the Society during the camp become bedrooms, the club becomes kitchen and dining room and all the members of the Society are the best hosts. So, everything happens there and all the guests feel good and pleasant. They exchange interesting experience, gain the new and have opportunity to communicate to tellers, visit them and research rich and exciting music tradition. Participants of the camp are trained to gathered and classify everything they find-they listen and transcribe new melodies, make records on dances and put them into special register. During the long period of time camp has provided establishing the unique library with many records that illustrate rich music tradition of Banat.

Gusle nowadays has archive of valuable records from 1999. There are also scientific documents, articles and records made by participants of the Camp. Gusle shows the greatest gratefullness to PhD Selena Rakocevic who was so devoted in her research. She sent a lot of valuable records and in this way truly supported the whole project. Gusle now has rich library available to everyone who shows some ambition to recognise and learn more about our interesting music tradition. Gusle has a real mission to research and preserve our tradition, cultural heritage and promote it in the best way to the public of the world.

Researches in the field of traditional music and dance has been taken in the region of North and Middle Banat (Region of Banat in Serbia), than, Pomorisje, Banatska Klisura and Banatska Crna Gora (Region of Banat in Romania), and Pomorisje (Region of Banat in Hungary). Records were also taken from Serbs, Gipses, Romanians, Hungarians, and people who moved from Bosnia, Hecegovinia, and Montenegro.

The targets of researches in the field were not only traditional dance and music, but also modern and new, many celebrations, and events where explorers were present-parties, family feasts, wedding ceremonies, baptism, carnival...ethnological, ethnochoreological and ethnomusicological issues are topics in the same time.

Leading experts were in charge of exploring the tradition for long period of time and they improved the quality of the Camp-Olivera Vasic, Dimitrije Golemovic, Nice Fracile, Dragica Panic, Selena Rakocevic, Dragana Stojanovic, Gordana Roganovic, Vesna Karin, Marta Gajic, Igor Popov and others. Presentations of Camp participants seminar papers, graduate papers, master papers, conferring of books, reviews, experts lectures supplemented programme of Ethnocamp.